Monday 29 August 2022

What are the new traffic fines in Queensland?

What are the new traffic fines in Queensland?

Since July 2022, Queensland has become one of the most expensive states in Australia if you get caught breaking road rules.  Notably, increases in speeding fines along with fines for not wearing a seatbelt and running red lights have brought much attention.  The fine for not wearing a seat belt has increased to $1078, the most expensive in Australia.

The Queensland Transport and Main Roads minister, Mark Bailey, has stated the changes were aimed at reducing the number of lives on the road.  Until July 2022, 81 people had lost their lives on Queensland roads, and statistically, one in three fatalities were not the driver of the vehicle.  The minister reminded people that if you did the right thing, you wouldn’t be penalised, and added that revenue from fines would be re-invested into road safety.

Future plans include road improvements, read safety education, introduction of AI cameras.  There will also be initiatives to make school and work zones safer and reduce road crashes and trauma.  This is part of a national strategy to reduce fatalities by 50% and serious injuries by 30%.

Look below at the changes to penalties as from 1 July 2022.  You'll notice that seatbelt fines have increased from $413 to $1078.

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