Friday 12 June 2015

Do I still have to indicate here at the end of street?

Do I still have to indicate here at the end of the street?


The intersection in the picture, Irene St & Balaclava Rd, has changed (as clearly indicated by the sign) so that Irene St actually continues into Balaclava Rd.  (Click on the picture for a better view.)  This was done by the Cairns Regional Council to improve access for vehicles from Balaclava Rd to Irene St, and vice versa.  The western end of Balaclava Rd has now become the terminating road of this intersection.

So, if you are continuing along Irene St and then heading east along Balaclava Rd toward Mulgrave Rd, you don't need to indicate as you travelling along the continuing road.  But, if you were going to turn right into Balaclava Rd (head west) from Irene St, you would need to indicate, and also give way to vehicles coming through the intersection on the continuing road.

Several changes have been made to this intersection including:  a new stop sign & median traffic island; reconfiguration of the road, kerb & footpath; line markings to signal the flow of traffic; and also the removal of several trees.  However, in front of the large sign advising 'changed traffic conditions ahead', the original 'T intersection ahead' sign remains in place.  A new sign (pictured below) would be more helpful.

Details of the road changes are available here:



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