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According to Suncorp, one of Queensland’s largest insurers, most motor vehicle accidents in Cairns happen on main roads leading into the city.  Nose-to-tail collisions account for the most common type of accident.  Most accidents occurred during morning peak hour when there was a lot of congestion on the road.  Drivers have a duty of care and need to pay extra attention, especially when a small lapse of concentration could lead to an accident.  Keeping a safe margin and safe distance from other vehicles allows you more time to react in difficult situations.  The following is a news article which recently appeared in the Cairns Post.

Suncorp survey reveals Sheridan St worst for crashes in Cairns
(Alicia Nally, The Cairns Post)
April 13, 2019

MOST of us drive it every day, and we are probably risking our lives and our vehicles by doing so.
Suncorp Compulsory Third Party (CTP) claims data has revealed Sheridan St in Cairns has
taken the top spot for the most injury-causing accidents.
Captain Cook Highway, Florence and Bunda streets and Mulgrave Rd all rounded out the top five.
The data also revealed nose-to-tail and intersection collisions were most common types of accidents, and the morning was revealed as the most dangerous time on Far North roads.
According to Suncorp spokeswoman Ashleigh Paterson the combination of congestion, intersections and morning commuting created the perfect environment for car accidents that result in motor accident injury claims.
Road accidents resulting in CTP claims in Cairns:
1. Sheridan St: 56
2. Captain Cook Highway: 20
3. Florence St: 16
4. Bunda St: 15
5. Mulgrave Rd: 15

“These busy stretches of road carry high volumes of traffic, with many intersections, which create congestion during peak periods, making injury causing crashes more likely to happen,” Ms Paterson said.
“Roads with high crash volumes have vehicles crossing lanes at multiple intersections, stopping and starting due to congestion, combined with the morning rush, so any lapse in concentration can lead to an accident.”
“We all have a part to play to ensure everyone commutes safely on our roads and concentration behind the wheel is key. Drivers need to pay extra attention, particularly when even a minor crash can be devastating and cause injuries for anyone involved.”
All motorists pay for CTP insurance as part of their car’s registration, yet according to a survey conducted by YouGov Galaxy, 97 per cent of Queenslanders don’t fully understand what CTP covers them for.
CTP is a legal requirement and in Queensland is designed to cover injuries to people other than the ‘at-fault’ driver in the event of an accident.
Despite this, 50 per cent of Queenslanders think it covers the cost of damage to cars or property, and more than 65 per cent think their injuries are covered in accident situations that, according to CTP law, they aren’t.
*Suncorp analysed 312 CTP insurance claims from within Cairns from 2013 — 2018 to determine accident hot spots. The propensity to lodge a CTP claim can vary significantly in different regions of Queensland.

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