Monday 3 October 2016

Driving Tip

Driving Tip - Scanning While Driving

Scanning is keeping your eyes moving, checking in one area for no more than a couple of seconds and then moving your eyes to another area.

When you are scanning, look:
  • In the distance.
  • At the road surface.
  • To the left and right.
  • In your mirrors.
  • At the instruments and gauges.

When driving around corners turn your head and look through the corner scanning the road ahead
of your vehicle.  This should be particularly easier at open intersections, so exercise some caution ahead of closed intersections.  Slow down if your vision of the road ahead is limited.
When doing your Q-Safe Driving Test, it is expected that you make regular checks in your rear vision mirror so you know what is happening behind you.  You must check your rear vision mirror when you are about to change speed or change direction.
Practice this technique regularly - before proceeding through traffic lights, you must turn your head and check to ensure there are no vehicles that may be 'running' the red light, or pedestrians crossing against the 'don't walk' sign.  This may also include cyclists. 

Remember, it's also good practice to also turn your head and check to ensure it is safe before proceeding across a railway level crossing.


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