Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Who gives way here? 

The intersection is at English St and Anderson St, Manunda in Cairns.  The driver is making a left turn in a slip lane at traffic lights from English St to Anderson St.  The other vehicle is making a U-turn at the same traffic lights and intending to travel in the same direction as the driver (west-bound on Anderson St).

For anyone making a U-turn, you must: have a clear view of approaching traffic; complete the turn without blocking the free movement of traffic; and importantly give way to all vehicles and pedestrians.  This includes vehicles facing a stop or give way sign.

In addition, you can only make a U-turn at traffic lights when there is a sign that states U-turns are permitted.  In respect of the aforementioned traffic light intersection, U-turns are legally permitted.

For someone turning left in a slip lane, it is important to remember you must give way to all traffic already on the road you’re entering.  There is an exception however, any vehicle doing a U-turn.

The answer to the original question is that the vehicle turning left in the slip lane has right of way over the vehicle making the U-turn.


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