Monday 26 February 2018

Do the blue markers in the middle of the road mark the centre of the road?

Do the blue markers in the middle of the road mark the centre of the road?

The blue reflective markers (aka cat’s eyes) on the road actually indicate the location of fire hydrants for emergency services. To be easily visible they are usually placed on the highest point of the road surface, which is usually on or near the centre of the road.

It’s worthwhile knowing which reflective markers to look for when driving.  Apart from blue
there are four other colours to look out for; red, white, yellow and green.

  • Red markers mark the far left-hand edge of the road.
  • Yellow markers mark the centre line of the road, or the far right-hand side of the road if you are on a one-way or divided road.  Remember, always stay left of the yellow markers.
  • White markers are used to mark the lines between lanes where multiple lanes exist.
  • Green markers mark the edge line at the exit from a highway or freeway.

As for the previously mentioned blue cat’s eyes, they might help when navigating your way along a dark unlit road without lines or other cat’s eye markers especially in unfamiliar territory.  It might also help remembering that the colour blue, as used on road signs, serves as directions to road side services and facilities.

These reflective markers known as ‘cat’s eyes’ have been around for a while.  They were invented by Percy Shaw in the UK in the 1930’s and the patent made him a very wealthy man.  Percy came up with the idea after driving home at night in the rain and had difficulty driving along dark roads.


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