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Fact sheet and FAQs - issued by QLD TMR, March 2021

Do all returning drivers need to complete the HPT?

Returning drivers (people who have not held a licence for more than 5 years) who obtain a driver learner licence are only required to complete the HPT if they are returning to a P1 licence. Returning drivers who previously held a P2 or open licence are not required to complete the hazard perception test.

Do all overseas licence holders need to complete the HPT?

No. Overseas licence holders only need to complete the HPT if they obtain a Queensland learner licence.

Do overseas licence holders who fail the practical driving test have to pass the HPT?

If an overseas licence holder from an unrecognised country fails the practical driving test and
wishes to obtain more supervised driving experience, they will be required to obtain a Queensland learner licence. They will need to complete the HPT before they can take the practical driving test again. These customers will not be required to hold their learner licence for 6 months before they can take the hazard perception test.

Do you have to hold a Queensland licence to take the HPT?

Yes, you can only take the Queensland HPT if you hold a Queensland licence.

Will interstate HPTs be recognised?

While some jurisdictions have hazard perception tests in their licensing schemes, others don't and not all tests are the same. Due to the difficulty of recognising one jurisdiction and not another, other jurisdictions tests are not recognised in Queensland.

TMR plans to review recognition of non-Queensland HPTs when there is greater uniformity across all jurisdictions.

How do customers who complete the HPT after the practical driving test upgrade their licence?

Customers who take the HPT after the practical driving test will need to apply in person and bring evidence of their identity to upgrade their licence.

Are there any exemptions to the 6-month learner licence tenure requirement, or the 16 year 6-month minimum age requirement for the HPT?

Yes, there are some exemptions to the HPT learner licence tenure requirement and minimum age requirement. These relate to existing exemptions.

When a customer is granted an exemption to the 12-month learner licence tenure requirement through a special need (tenure) exemption, they are also exempt from the 6-month HPT tenure requirement.

Customers who receive a special need (age rule) exemption and are exempted from the minimum age requirements to obtain a learner or P1 licence are also exempt from the 16 year 6-month minimum age requirement to take the HPT.

Where can I go for more information?

More information is available on the QGov website at:

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