Monday 25 September 2017



Yes, it’s OK for Learner and P plate drivers to tow trailers or caravans in Queensland. This means you are able to tow any trailer that is legally permitted for the car that you are driving.

Towing a trailer requires extra skills, planning and thought.  For this reason, it’s best to gain experience with driving the towing vehicle before attaching a trailer.  Just remember that once the trailer is hitched up, you will need to attach an L plate to the trailer as well.

There is much to learn including loading the trailer, reversing, managing the extra weight, checking and adjusting the brakes if fitted.  For this reason, it’s best if your supervising
driver has experience with the vehicle and trailer and can teach you these and other necessary towing information including road etiquette.

Towing a trailer requires some extra concentration and skill, it is recommended to gain some experience with towing before moving on to towing at high speed or manoeuvring in confined spaces.  Towing a small 6’ x 4’ trailer is a good way to start, and loading something like a lawnmower is helpful.  The handle of the mower helps you understand the position of the trailer, and it’s easy to see around the handle.  Just make sure you secure the mower in the trailer.

There is a wealth of information on-line that can help you find out how to tow safely.  Remember the trailer also has to be roadworthy, and the towing vehicle must be capable of towing the load.  So, don’t be expecting to tow a caravan with a Suzuki Swift – it won’t work.  Don’t forget to check tyres, connections, security of the load, and lights.

If you are ever driving interstate, remember that you must follow the rules in that state.  Restrictions on towing trailers apply in NSW and Victoria where Learner drivers are not allowed to tow a trailer.  Although, in NSW P1 licence holders are able to tow, but with some weight restriction, and in Victoria there are some serious towing restrictions for P1 licence holders. ACT allows learner drivers to tow a trailer, but not exceeding 750kg GVM (weight of trailer & load).  In all other states, it is OK for a learner to tow a trailer.  Remember, rules can change so exercise some due diligence and check before you drive.


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