Friday 22 May 2015

I’m going on holiday in Melbourne. Can I drive in Victoria with my uncle with my Queensland Learners Licence?


I’m going on holiday in Melbourne.  Can I drive in Victoria with my uncle with my Queensland Learners Licence?

Yes, in fact you can drive in any state with a valid Queensland learner’s licence.  However, you must obey the road rules of the state you are driving in, as well as Queensland.   So, a little research of road rules would be required if you were to consider driving in a different state.  This can be as easy as telephoning the relevant transport authority in that state and asking about road rules that may affect you as a learner, or doing a search on the internet.
Some road rules that differ are the speed limits.  In Queensland, Victoria and the ACT, the speed limit for a learner driver is as posted on speed limit signs.  However, in Western Australia and South Australia, a learner driver must not exceed 100 km/h.  It is a little stricter in New South Wales and the Northern Territory where you cannot go over 80 km/h while you hold a learners licence.
There are also special rules and regulations for specific regions.  For example, in Melbourne, there are several road rules pertaining to trams.  Among these rules, you must stop at the rear of a tram, where there is no safety zone between you and the tram, and give way to any pedestrians crossing between the tram and the left side of the road and not proceed while the doors of the tram are open.
If you are not taking a lesson with an accredited driving instructor, you will need to bear in mind that some states have slightly different requirements for driving supervisors.  While most states only require the supervisor to have a full licence, it is necessary in South Australia for the supervisor to have held an open licence for 2 years, and in Western Australia, 4 years.
Road rules for each state are easily found on the internet through a variety of sources.  A quick way to find out some of the road rules for each state is to go to that state’s transport authority website and take the online practice test.  Of course, if you were to drive, for example, in Melbourne, a lesson with an accredited driving instructor would help you understand the traffic and give you the necessary control and confidence to begin driving in that city.


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