Tuesday 21 February 2023

What's the new fee for a Learner Licence in Queensland?

 What's the new fee for a learner licence in Queensland?

Save the date March 1st!  From March 1st, new learner drivers in Queensland are going to pay $75 for a learner licence.  After repeated requests, the Queensland government has responded by lowering the learner licence fee.

At $75, the licence fee will now be $110 cheaper than the existing fee.  However, a Queensland learner licence will still be more expensive than every other state except Western Australia. 

Learner licences will continue to be valid for a three-year period.  On average it takes Queenslanders approximately 20 months to move to their provisional licence.

If you wait and get your learner licence on or after 1 March, you will pay the new

$75 fee. But, if you get a learner licence before 1 March, you will pay the current fee of $186.55.

If you need to renew your learner licence before 1 March, you have 2 options:

1. Renew it now and pay:

$186.55 if your licence expiry date is before 1 March

$75 if your licence expiry date is on or after 1 March.

2. Wait and renew it on or after 1 March and pay $75.

Be careful.  If you choose to delay renewing your learner licence, you must not drive on an expired licence.

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